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Advantages of Joining IGRS Information Industry Association
Keep up with the trend of 3C industry at home and abroad, get the latest news on related technologies and products;
Attend IGRS meetings and group meetings;
Obtain IGRS Standard texts, meeting summeries, member directory and other valuable materials;
Both core members and non-voting members enjoy the proposal right to IGRS Standard;
Enjoy priority and preferential treatment in intellectual property, product certification, IGRS logo authorization and other aspects;
Join in IGRS’s publicity campaign, brand promotion and integrated marketing;
Undertake related scientific research projects through IGRS Association.

Benefits of Joining IGRS
The industry is huge because both the 3C convergence and the interconnection among 3C products are the trends of the times;
China is both the largest manufacturing country and consumption country of 3C products in the world;
IGRS –China Standard of 3C Collaboration, government support, quick start of industrialization, 179 patents of core technology, IGRS brand and powerful IGRS enterprises alliance;

Investment Opportunities:3C convergence industry, IGRS public technology platform, chip, module, terminal, software, operator, etc;
The traditional investment is only investing an enterprise, a product or a project, while investing IGRS is investing the future of China 3C industry.

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