IGRS stands for Intelligent Grouping and Resource Sharing working group. It was formally established on July 17, 2003 by five of the biggest computer and CE companies in China, Lenovo, TCL, Konka, Hisense and Great Wall. Lenovo acts as the chair company of the working group. A unique characteristic to note is that unlike other international standardization groups, only government authorized standard organization is allowed to define standard specification in China. In this case, Ministry of Information Industry of China is the governing body of IGRS...

IGRS Advantage

Alliance Members

Standard Results

The standard of information resources sharing (Intelligent Grouping & Resource Sharing- IGRS), referred to as "Shanlian" standard, is the standardization system which is to realize intelligent networking, resource sharing and collaborative service between information devices in the family and the office environment.

As the China's first 3C cooperative international standards, IGRS standard fill in the gaps in China's information industry standard in ISO. China's enterprises have the right to speak in the global 3C collaborative technology area, and also a major achievement of China's joint innovation of large enterprises.

Recognition And Honor

Academician Speech

  • Hequan Wu
    In the joint efforts of the government and the leadership of the enterprises, IGRS Standard will contribute more power to the implementation of national innovation strategy...
  • Fuqing Yang
    In order to speed up the technology innovation and industrialization of IGRS standards. I suggest that the resources of the relevant government departments coordinate...
  • Xingui He
    The industrialization process of IGRS will become the model of China technological innovation.
  • Guojie Li
    IGRS international standards greatly reduce the gap between China and developed countries in the field of high technology in the field, a comprehensive upgrade of China's...
  • Junliang Chen
    IGRS plan for the future of the industrial structure, enhance the future innovation capability and competitive advantage of Chinese enterprises in the field of technological...
  • Yue Wang
    IGRS industry alliance formed the operation mode “Combined innovation of Chinese large enterprises” taken the standard as a link, to enhance the international competitiveness...


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