Embrace IGRS’ New Living !

One day in the future, you can use your mobile phone to remotely control the electronic devices at home while you are still in the office.

The television in the living room, which is connected wirelessly to the PC in the study, directly plays the movie downloaded from Internet.

In the office, employees’ laptops can collaborate to quickly form wireless groupings to easily exchange files without manual network configuration.


Resource sharing through any devices anywhere at anytime is the marvelous experience brought by 3C convergence. IGRS is the key to realize this experience. Enabled by IGRS standard, TV, PC, mobile phones and many other 3C products can interoperate with one another freely, at home, office and in public area, to allow you to enjoy the new IGRS life style using any devices at your convenience, anywhere, anytime.

New era of IGRS is upon us. It represents brand-new working and living experience and certainly will produce enormous market opportunities and bright industry future.

Let’s embrace and enjoy IGRS’ new living!

Dr. Sun Yuning   
CEO, IGRS Engineering Lab Ltd.
Chairman of IGRS Working Group

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