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Based on IGRS standard, application program developer can develop all kinds of IGRS applications to support “resource sharing and service collaboration”.

IGRS basic applications provide some basic applications for interaction between IGRS equipments. While IGRS applications are based on IGRS standard, by transmitting interfaces provided by IGRS basic application, IGRS intelligent application framework and IGRS basic protocol, more complicated and more powerful functioned applications can be realized.
IGRS basic applications are installed inside IGRS equipments, applied to supporting necessary application of a certain collaboration working mode among many equipments, while they themselves can be expanded with the development of collaboration working mode.
For instance, laptops and televisions that accord with IGRS criterion all embedded audio and video stream transportation basic application, when laptop and TV find each other, laptop can distribute its own multimedia data to TV to display in the form of stream, meanwhile, laptop can also receive television program stream transported from TV, so that TV programs can be stored in real time.
On the other aspect, IGRS basic application can provide support for developing other IGRS application, e.g., application program developer can develop network agent application on an IGRS equipment whose embedded network joins basic applications, other IGRS equipments can realize network resource sharing through this network agent application.
Figure 1 describes in home scenario, a typical IGRS application mode among digital equipments that realizes IGRS standard:

Figure 1 IGRS Home Application Scenario
(1) Customize home entertainment program: PC, as the information center of home, can easily obtain photos, music and movies from any digital devices within the home, it certainly also includes network resources, users’ digital cameras, digital pickup cameras will automatically detect home network with the help of IGRS wireless download function, and transmit media data into PC’s media files; TV, as the entertaining center of home, can set up customized programs, using common remote control to play, speed and pause photos, music and movies in the PC that shares the same network. These resources can also be sent to home network equipments such as PDA, audio device, etc, so that users can enjoy entertainment experience anywhere at home.
(2) Record and edit TV programs: By using remote control, users can choose to let PC record TV programs on show at any time, or set up a recording time, even if users are not beside the TV, they can also record their favorite programs. The recorded TV programs will be stored in the PC and can be edited, or even be edited mixedly with their own DV works, so as to create effects that are beyond imagination. By using IGRS frequency modulation function, multiple programs recording and replaying can be realized. TV programs in PCs can also be sent to portable tablet PC or PDA, so that users can know about the latest news and events on their way to work.
 (3) Share your favorite contents with your good friends: Transmit your favorite music, photos or movies from your PC to portable equipments in order to share with your friends and relatives; On your friend’s party, by using IGRS AV release function, you can sent blessing music stored in PDA, or humorous messages and pictures in mobile phone to the nearest audio device or TV, and give your friend a pleasant surprise.
 Figure 2 describes in office scenario, a typical IGRS application mode among digital devices that realize IGRS standard

Figure 2 IGRS Office Application Scenario

1) Switch working scenarios freely: The connection between laptops and projectors, printers will become much easier, IGRS intelligent grouping and automatic installation function will help users directly use internet resources and printing resources without any setting (necessary security authentication is an important function of IGRS as well). While one is working on a brief introduction to a product, he may think of transmitting some complementary resources with his colleagues, and IGRS seamless handover function will automatically disconnect a laptop and a projector, as well as connecting it to another laptop instantly without inserting or plugging those lines.
2)Long-distance connecting office network and devices: While you are on a business travel, you don’t have to worry if you have forgotten to bring important materials you need. You can long-distance connect to your company’s office network’s materials or document server through IGRS mobile phone or laptop, and obtain the report or data you need……

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