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With the rapid development of network technology and the wireless network technology particularly, people more focus on how to effectively and intelligently interconnect their devices to realize the collaborative work. IGRS aims to realize the auto-discovery, dynamic group network, resource sharing and collaborative service of diverse information devices, home appliances, communication devices for the network architecture of “content + network operation + new application mode”. Through combining the copyright protection of digital content with the network and devices, IGRS creates a profitable model for its Internet content providers, network operators and terminal equipment providers and provides high quality information consumption and entertainment to its users.

IGRS can be used by enterprises, public places, individuals and homes. Through abiding by the interface standard of shared source and function service, it can make related devices effectively realize resource sharing and collaborative service. In this way, it not only improves the device operations but the service among different devices.

Led by Ministry of Information Industry of China, IGRS was founded by Lenovo, TCL, Kanda, Hisense and Great Wall. The “Resource Sharing & Collaborative Service of Information Devices” Standard Working Group (IGRS Standard Working Group for short) was established by more than 50 enterprises. Its goal is to jointly develop related protocol specifications.

1. Application Procedures of Joining IGRS

·Submit application form and enterprise introduction.
·Submit related materials to the Secretariat of the working group.
·Discussion and vote will be made by core members of existing working group.
·Final vote will be reported to the Science and Technology Department of MII for approval.
·Sign related agreement and pay the membership dues.
·Become the member of IGRS Standard Working Groupl.

2. How to Apply Online

·Fill out the online application form;
· Download, read and sign the Confidentiality Agreement, and then email the Confidentiality Agreement together with related materials to IGRS;
·Download and read the Intellectual Property Management Regulations;
· Download, read and sign the Letter of Commitment on Membership, and then email the signed and sealed one to IGRS;
·Get the approval of core members and become the member of IGRS.
·Fulfill the responsibilities and obligations of the membership.

3. Rights and Obligations

·Member units can appoint their delegates to attend the meetings held by IGRS and take charge of the proposals and votes of their units.
·The ownership of IGRS logos and websites belongs to IGRS members.
·In the process of developing this standard, the achievements and intellectual properties of member units belong to their own. The intellectual property team will identify all intellectual properties related to the “information device interconnection”, put them into the patent pool and evaluate.
·Member units can share their information and materials. Besides member unit can enjoy the preferential treatment in using other member units’ patents in the patent pool as long as they get the approval from the intellectual property team (according to the Intellectual Property Management Regulations).
·Member units should undertake the tasks assigned by the alliance and actively participate in the activities held by the alliance.
·Member units must reply their proposals and views on time.
·Member units have the obligation to provide both the basic conditions and result data of the experiment.
·Member units should pay their memberships dues on time as required.

4. About Dues
·To guarantee the successful development of the standards, member units should pay the membership dues yearly. The membership dues will be held by the working group who will open different accounts for specified purpose. The membership dues for core member units, promotional members units, regular member units and observer units are 100,000 Yuan/year, 50,000 Yuan/year, 20,000 Yuan/year and 5,000 Yuan/year respectively. The membership dues will be held by the leader unit of working group who will open different accounts for specified purpose and all for the expenses of the working group.
·Every year the member units should pay the membership dues to the Secretariat of the alliance.
·Every half year, the alliance will announce the usage of the dues to the member units.

5. Relevant Materials on Joining IGRS

For more materials on joining IGRS, please click here to download.

6. Contact Us

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