Terms of Use

The IGRS Working Group is an open, non-profit membership organization, in which any enterprise and science & technology research institution in the computer, CE and communications industries can participate.

IGRS WG Membership Use Agreement

1. Special Notice
1.1 IGRS Working Group (WG) agrees to provide Internet-based relevant services (hereinafter referred to as "Network Service") according to this Agreement and its other released operation rules, and Service user (hereinafter referred to as "User") shall agree on all the provisions in this Agreement and fully complete the appropriate registration procedures according to the prompt on the page in order to obtain the Network Service.  Once clicking "I Agree" button during the registration process, User is deemed to have fully agreed on all the provisions in this Agreement.

2. Service Contents
2.1 The detailed contents of IGRS WG Network Services will be provided by IGRS WG , including BBS or news review, according to the actual situations.  IGRS WG reserves the rights to alter, interrupt or terminate a part of or the whole Network Service. 
2.2 It is possible that IGRS WG will charge certain fees to Users for some Network Servcies.   Under this circumstance, IGRS WG will declare clearly on the relevant pages.  If any User refuses to pay this fee, he or she cannot use the relevant Network Service. 
2.3 User understands: IGRS WG only provides relevant Network Service, and devices related to the Network Service (such as computer, modem and other Internet access devices) and the fees incurred (such as phone and access fees) shall be assumed by the User himself or herself.

3. Use Rules
3.1 User must provide accurate individual information to IGRS WS when he or she applies for IGRS WG Network Service, and he or she must promptly update the information if any change occurs.  
3.2 Upon registering successfully, IGRS WG will provide every User with an account and appropriate password. User is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the account and password , and is fully responsible for all activities that occur under this account. 
3.3 User must agree that IGRS WG can send commodity promotions and other relevant commercial information to him or her by email or other ways. 
3.4 When using IGRS WG Network Service, User must comply with the principles as follows:   (a) comply with the appropriate laws and regulations of the People''s Republic of China; (b) do not use the Network Service system for any illegal purpose; (c) comply with network agreements, regulations and procedures related to Network Service; (d) do not use the IGRS WG Network Service system to conduct any activity that possibly has adverse effect on the Internet and prevents it from running normally; (e) do not use the IGRS WG Network Service system to transfer any harassment,  defamation, threat, obscenity or other illegal information; (f) do not use the IGRS WG Network Service system to conduct any activity that possibly has adverse effect on IGRS WG; (g) agree to immediately notify IGRS WG of any unauthorized use of User''s account or any security hole seen on account.

4. Content Property
4.1 The contents of Network Service provided by IGRS WG possibly include text, software, sound, images, video and charts etc.  All these contents are protected by copyright, trademark and other property rights.
4.2 User can use these contents only if he or she has the authorization from IGRS WG or other relevant property owners; furthermore, he or she cannot copy, recreate or derive from these products without the express consent from the owners.

5. Privacy
5.1 It is IGRS WG''s basic policy to protect the privacy of its User. IGRS WG gurantees to not provide any third party with User''s registration data and non-disclosure contents stored during the use of Network Service, with the following exclusions as:    (a) User''s prior express authorization; (b) required by relevant laws and regulations; (c) required by relevant govermental administrations; (d) protect public interests; (e) protect IGRS WG''s legal rights and interests. 
5.2 IGRS WG possibly works with a third party to provide User with relevant Network Service. Under the circumstance, if the third party agrees to assume the same liability of the protection of User''s privacy as that of IGRS WG, the Working Group can provide the third party with User''s inforation, including registration data. 
5.3 Under the precondition that it does not disclose single User''s privacy, IGRS WG has the rights to analyze the whole user database and use the user database commercially.

6. Indemnity
6.1 User expressly agrees to undertake all risks as may occur in using IGRS WG Network Service; all the consequences arising from the use of IGRS WG Network Service shall be assumed by the User, and IGRS WG will not assume for any consequence on the User. 
6.2 IGRS WG does not warrant that Network Service will meet User''s requirement, or that the operation of Network Service will be uninterrupted, or the timely availability, security and veracity of the Network Service. 

7. Service Alteration, Interruption or Termination
7.1 IGRS WG will notify in advance as soon as possible if it is required to interrupt Network Service due to system maintenance or upgrade.  
7.2 In one of the following cases, IGRS WG has the rights to interrupt or terminate providing User with Network Service prescribed in this Agreement, without the need to notify the User.  (a) User provides false individual data; (b) User violates the rules of use in this Agreement. 
7.3 In addition to the above cases, IGRS WG also reserves the rights to interrupt or terminate a part of or the whole Network Service from time to time, without notifying the User in advance, and IGRS WG will not be held responsible from any loss incurred by the User or any third party, as may occur due to the interruption or termination of Service. 

8. Liability for Breach
8.1 User agrees to gurantee and protect the interests of IGRS WG and other Users. If any loss occurs on IGRS WG or any other third party due to User''s violation of relevant laws, regualtions or any provisions in this Agreement, the User agrees to assume the liability for breach and make the appropriate compensation. 

9. Alteration
9.1 IGRS WG will possibly alter the provisions in this Agreement from time to time, and IGRS WG will publish the alteration on relevant pages once any provision is altered.  
9.2 If User does not agree to the alteration on the provisions of Service mady by IGRS WG, User has the right to terminate the use of the Network Service.  If User continues to use the Netwrok Service, it is deemed that the User accepts the alteration on the provisions of Service.

10. Jurisdiction
10.1 The formation of this Agreement, its execution, interpretation and settlement of disputes in connection herewith shall be governed by the laws of the People''s Republic of China. 
10.2 Any dispute arising from the execution of, or in connection with this Agreement, shall be settled through friendly negotiations between both Parties. In case no settlement can be reached through consultations, the dispute shall be submitted to the local People''s Court where IGRS WG is located. 

11. Notification and Delivery
11.1 All notifications are delivered by the means, such as page bulletin, email or common mail; the sending of any notification is deemed as having sent to the receiver.

12. Miscellaneous
12.1 This Agreement constitutes the whole agreement on provisions and other relevant issues, and each Party is not endowed with other rights beyond these provisions of this Agreement. 
12.2 If any provision is partly or completely invalid or has no power of execution for whatever reason, the remaining provisions shall still be valid and has binding effecr on both Parties.  
12.3 The title in this Agreement is create for convenience only, and shall be ignored when this Agreement is interpreted.


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