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IGRS Introduces “Multi-Screen Interaction•Omni Enjoy” at CES2012


On January 10, 2012, the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which acts as the wind vane of global electronic industry kicked off in Las Vegas in the US. Themed on “Omni Enjoy, Share your Joy”, IGRS Alliance from China displayed its innovative “multi-screen interaction • OMINI Enjoy” products developed based on IGRS international standard at the show, presenting a picture of smart life in the internet age as a highlight among Chinese exhibitors.

IGRS “Multi-Screen Interaction•Omni Enjoy” booth

At the Show, IGRS presented LinkSee series high-definition players of A6+, S8 and R9 pre-installed with “multi-screen interaction” function for non-smart TV users, enabling them feel the endless joy brought by multi-screen interaction. Multi-screen interaction technology was also applied in the products of Lenovo, Hisense, Konka, TCL,BOE, etc., among which TCL V7300, TCL A990 and Konka 8000D were presented at the Show as blockbusters. Shining at the Show in large, multi-screen interaction products are hopefully to see a sharp growth in 2012, laying a solid foundation for the industrialization of IGRS international standard.

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